Outside the Panels

Outside the Panels spotlights specialty market vendors, creators, products, properties, and events that are currently receiving mainstream media coverage from local, regional, national, and/or international sources.

• The January 25 Honolulu (HI) Advertiser ran the article, "Yu-Gi-Oh! captures youths' fancy," in which Central O'ahu Writer Catherine E. Toth explored the ever-growing popularity of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game [Pharoah's Servant Retail Blister Display (AUG025179J), Pharoah's Servant Booster Display (AUG025080J), Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 1: The Heart of the Cards DVD (STAR17024J)]. Read the article here.

• On January 25, the Contra Costa (CA) Times' Elizabeth Sivesind reported on the "She Draws Comics: Great Women Cartoonists" (GN, JUN022475J) exhibit which opened at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, CA, on that same day. Titled "Exhibit puts spotlight on female cartoonists and their creations," the article, which also directed interested readers to area specialty shops Flying Colors; The Comic Shop; Comic Relief; Dr. Comics, Mr. Games; and Comix Experience; can be read here.

• James Kochalka's Fantastic Butterflies (GN, STAR16427F) received coverage from the Honolulu (HI) Star-Bulletin in the article "Kochalka's cartooning is lively and refreshing," which was written by Gary C. W. Chun, and can be read here.
Prix Alph-Art du Sc&eacute;nario (Best Story); and Matthieu Bonhomme, who received the Prix Alph-Art du Premier Album (Best Debut Album) for his <i>L'age de Raison</i>.<br><br>To learn about National Public Radio's coverage of the festival, see today's "Outside the Panels." For more information on the Angoul&ecirc;me Festival or the Grand Prix and Alph-Art Awards, click &lt;A HREF="http://fibd.labd.com" target="_blank"&gt;<b>here</b>&lt;/A&gt;; for assistance translating the all-French text, visit Alta Vista's free Internet translation service, Babel Fish, click &lt;A HREF="http://babelfish.altavista.com" target="_blank"&gt;<b>here</b>&lt;/A&gt;.<br></div> </body> </html> acute;gis Loisel for his <i>La Qu&ecirc;te de l'Oisaeu du Temp</i>.<br><br>Additional winners included Chris Ware, who earned the Prix Alph-Art du Meilleur Album (Best Album) for his <i>Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth </i>(STAR16911F); Marjane Satrapi, whose <i>Quartier Lointain T1</i> won th
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