(W) Ed Kuehnel, Matt Entin, Eben Burgoon, C. W. Cooke, A.C. Medina, Mina Elwell, Ben Kahn, Josh Fadem (A) Dan Schkade, Kit Wallis, Trevor Richardson, Eben Burgoon, Bruno Hidalgo, Josh Fadem (A/CA) Kelly Williams
Starburns sure has some strangeness on the horizon! Is that a beer-swilling Sasquatch behind the wheel of a vintage Corvette, burning rubber on the dusty highway? And are those lights in the sky actually war-mongering aliens from Planet Wrestletopia itching for a grudge match against the people of Earth? No! To the left of those other lights, see? It's the Starship Gryffen, fleeing a galactic Federation promising a Utopia enforced by clandestine fascism. And that spark of fire in the distance? Don't mind that, it's just Cherry, the devil's prankster granddaughter. And because it isn't really a sneak peak of Starburns Industries Press without some quirky comedy, Josh Fadem of 30 Rock fame offers a sneak-peek of his humor tome, A Whole New Set of Problems!
Rating: Teen
In Shops on Free Comic Book Day 2019!
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