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Interview: A Good Hero Perseveres in NO'MADD from Battle Quest Comics

Interview by Nicki Faust

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The most recent NO’MADD chapter comes to a breathtaking close in this month’s BATTLE QUEST COMICS 2024 EPIC #1, and then in March’s NO’MADD: THE CAVE OF BROKEN TOMBS trade paperback.

To learn more about this titanic series, including the offered again NO’MADD: THE CITY OF EMPTY TOWERS trade paperback, PREVIEWSworld hung out with NO’MADD's writer Andrew Kafoury, artist Aaron McConnell, and artist Russel Brown.

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PREVIEWSworld:  So, what is No’Madd, and what does the series mean to you?

Andrew Kafoury: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I created NO’MADD because I wanted to bring modern mythology to our comics… front and center! The hero on a journey is arguably the single most important factor in how we’ve survived as a species, and Battle Quest is filled with heroes on epic adventures facing impossible odds… yet succeeding due to resiliency and inner strength. And what a team to bring NO’MADD’s continued adventure to life!

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Aaron McConnell: I enjoy drawing fantasy, and NO’MADD is the culmination of all kinds of things I love: action, adventure, and momentum. Bringing all the parts together in NO’MADD: THE CAVE OF BROKEN TOMBS – the family relationship, the sacrifice, the loss – was so satisfying. The villain wasn’t one-note, the challenges were complex, the feelings were real… and it all ended in an explosive way, which surprised even me. I can’t wait for people to pick up the trade!

Russell Brown: NO’MADD is a classic leader and protector. He’s powerful, but measured and considerate. And he doesn’t have it easy! But a good hero perseveres. This is high fantasy, and completely unique, but harkens back to the classics of my youth as well. And best of all? He’s fun to draw!

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PREVIEWSworld: So, what's next for No'madd...and for you?

Aaron: THE YOUNG NO’MADDS! This is an original story – almost a spiritual successor – to the NO’MADD: THE UNCONQUERABLE series. Characters from different, isolated communities are forced to come together to confront an oppressive force and a truly terrifying foe. They need to work through their prejudices to succeed – and it’s all based on strong interpersonal relationships, where great personalities and true character moments shine. This is young adult storytelling at its finest, and this is the kind of book I love to draw. It starts in October of 2024, Jeremy Colwell is coloring it to perfection, and it’s my best work to date!

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Russ: NO’MADD: THE SEA OF SILENT SOULS! The third and final chapter of the NO’MADD: THE UNCONQUERABLE trilogy, which comes out in 2025. I’m following two great talents, and the goal is to honor what’s come before me but also putting my personal stamp on it. And there are some epic scenes, which I absolutely love. I really hope people enjoy the end of the series as much as I do. It’s an honor to be here. 

Drew: Since we’re here with Diamond, it’s a great place to announce that we just extended our exclusive distribution deal with Diamond Comics by two-years! We can’t wait to get NO’MADD: THE UNCONQUERABLE and the rest of our catalog out to the wider world.

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No'madd is available to preorder now at your local comic shop. Reserve your copy with PREVIEWSworld Pullbox.

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(W) Andrew Kafoury, Justin Zimmerman (CA) Lee Moyer, Jeremy Colwell (A/CA) Aaron McConnell, Russ Brown
Battle Quest Comics' first double-sized Epic features two stories from our flagship titles. First, No'madd must fight for his life against an advanced alien monstrosity. Second, in a tale from the Steel Siege universe, a ruthless assassin threatens Dove's volatile diplomatic mission.
In Shops: Apr 10, 2024
SRP: $5.99
PREVIEWS Page #262

(W) Andrew Kafoury (CA) Lee Moyer (A/CA) Aaron McConnell
In his first adventure, No'madd embarks on a perilous quest to confront the intruders who threaten his home. His journey takes him beyond the sea of storms to a land masked in legend. There, he must unravel the fate of a lost race and confront a ruthless enemy who threatens to devastate the fabric of the galaxy!
In Shops: Mar 13, 2024
SRP: $14.99
PREVIEWS Page #262


Nicki Faust's heart is as cold as concrete in the Chicago winter. When not writing for PREVIEWSworld, Nicki is busy playing Limbo on Twitch, writing about the great robot uprising on Medium, and completing the untitled follow-up to the 2012 best-seller, Sue Storm: A Nude Photobook.   

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