Donny Cates & Dylan Burnett's INTERCEPTOR Comes to Vault Comics


Vault Comics announced the acquisition of INTERCEPTOR, the best-selling sci-fi comic book series by the superstar creative team of writer Donny Cates (Cosmic Ghost Rider, God Country, Thanos Wins), and artist Dylan Burnett (Cosmic Ghost Rider, X-Force, Weavers).

INTERCEPTOR #1 will return to print as as a gold-level Free Comic Book Day selection in May 2019. Following FCBD, in June 2019, the long-awaited collected edition of INTERCEPTOR will be available in trade paperback for the first time. Previously, Vault Comics also published REACTOR, the second volume in a planned trilogy for INTERCEPTOR. REACTOR will also see its completion and release of its collected edition in 2019.

The official synopsis for INTERCEPTOR can be read below:

Poli has a mech suit and a mission. Weep has machine guns and a temper. Together they lead a band of freedom fighters on a planet populated exclusively by blood-sucking vampires. A planet called Earth. Donny Cates (Venom, God Country) and Dylan Burnett (Cosmic Ghost Rider, X-Force) bring you neon-drenched, blood-soaked, all-out vampire warfare. #DeathBeforeUndead

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