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Interview with Cosplayer DustBunny about Halloween ComicFest


Cosplayer DustBunny
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HCF: How long have you been doing cosplay and what got you started?
I have been cosplaying for over 10 years. I started cosplaying because it was the best way I could show my fandom.

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HCF: Who has been your favorite character to cosplay?
I am currently loving cosplaying as Totoro cause I have a fuzzy belly and I get a lot of hugs from fans of the movie.

HCF: Who has been your most difficult character or costume to create?
I made a Lilanna Vess cospaly from Magic The Gathering. I used worbla which was pricy and not comfortable.

HCF: What is your favorite part about doing cosplay?
My favorite part about cosplaying has to be dressing up as a character I have a connection with. It's no fun cosplaying as a character you don't know anything about.

HCF: Have you celebrated Halloween ComicFest before?
: "I have not. This will be my first year."

HCF What are your plans for Halloween ComicFest?
DB: "Reading some horror comics- most likely anything with zombies. I love all things Halloween."

HCF: What comic shop are you going to to celebrate Halloween ComicFest?
DB: "Meltdown Comics on Sunset for sure."

HCF: What comics are you looking forward to getting?
DB: "
Batman: Legens of the Dark Knight Halloween Special and Scooby-Doo team Up #1 Featuring Batman"

HCF: Are you going to participate in "The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever"?
DB: "I will not be entering but I will be encouraging my friends to enter."


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Photos credited to Anime Convention Video, Eurobeat-Kasumi Photography, Peteroig Pictures, EpiczPhotography and ChillyWilly.

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