Interview with Cosplayer Holly Brook a.k.a. Pokey Panda about Free Comic Book Day

Cosplayers Celebrate Free Comic Book Day!

FCBD: How long have you been doing cosplay and what got you started?
Holly Brooke (HB)- "I have been playing dress up for as long as I can remember. My mother had me in my first Halloween costume by the time I was 3 weeks old. Even my sister made me a Sailor Moon costume when I was in the 4th grade, and I spent the entire summer pretending to fight justice in the name of the moon. As far as cosplay goes, I dressed up at my first comic convention in 2009. Ever since then my love for costuming has escalated exponentially!"

FCBD: Who has been your favorite character to cosplay?
HB: "This is a tough question, as I almost always enjoy dressing up the most in my newest costume. Also some costumes that I really love the design of are really uncomfortable to sport at a con! That being said, right now I would say my favorite character to cosplay as is either Ghost Rider or Sailor Moon. I have some upcoming projects that may be some good contenders though!"

FCBD: Who has been your most difficult character or costume to create?
HB: "I would have to say that Morrigan Aensland was the most difficult character for me to create at this point. It was my first attempt at sewing a "bunny" suit, and the giant batwings were a bit of trial and error. It is hard to move on from a project like Morrigan, because you learn so much in the process, it is easy to get stuck in a cycle of wanting to constantly improve on what you have made. I have already made 2 versions of her since 2009, and I can't say that I won't ever make a version 3.0!"

 FCBD: What are your plans for FCBD?
HB:"I have always celebrated Free Comic Book Day in my hometown of Fresno CA, at Heroes Comics. This is the first year I've moved to a new town for school. Right now I am unsure as to whether I'm going to be able to make it home and stick with tradition, which I am sad about! Wherever I end up though, I am sure I will be enjoying it in costume!"

FCBD: Are you going to be getting any free comics? If yes, what comics are you looking forward to getting?
HB:"Of course I'm going to get some comics!! I have my attention on Futures End, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Teen Titans Go!"

FCBD: What is your favorite part about doing cosplay?
HB:"I get an unexplainable amount of happiness from putting on a costume I slaved over for the first time. When I look in the mirror and see that all my hard work brought a character I love to life, it is really an amazing feeling. Cosplay is as close as I can get to living in the realms that I love!"

FCBD: What is your favorite part about FCBD?
HB:"Well who doesn't love free comics? I have to say though, the best part about FCBD is the fact that it is like a secret holiday only for people that have similar interests! It brings you together with people like yourself, and you get a chance to have fun, enjoy your fandom, and make new friends."


To see more of Holly's cosplay, check out her Facebook page and Twitter.
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