Interview with Cosplayer Yashuntafun about Free Comic Book Day

Cosplayers Celebrate Free Comic Book Day!

FCBD: How long have you been doing cosplay and what got you started?

Yashuntafun: "I started cosplaying back in 2003 and had no idea what I was getting myself into. My first costume was just thrown together, but it was well received by the people I met and I was hooked to costuming from that point on. Now cosplay is my main hobby and a big part of my life."

FCBD: Who has been your favorite character to cosplay?

Yashuntafun: "My favorite character to cosplay is Shadowcat from X-Men. I grew up reading X-Men and I just love her character. Plus she has a dragon! What's better than that?"

FCBD: Who has been your most difficult character or costume to create?

Yashuntafun: "I've faced my fair share of challenges along the way, but making Wasp from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was a special kind of difficult. The stretch vinyl I used was a challenge to sew and I had to make custom gloves out of the stuff. Gloves are hard enough on their own! Then there was her hair, which is a bit out there. Still, I loved her in the show and would do it all again!"

FCBD: What are your plans for FCBD?

Yashuntafun: "I plan on dressing up, visiting my local comic book store, and hanging out with friends while reading free comics!"

FCBD: What store are you going to? Who are you dressing up as and why?

Yashuntafun: "My favorite comic shop is Teahouse Comics (! I'm hoping to make a new Shadowcat costume to wear by then, but if not I'll be wearing Jesse Quick! I love Flash comics, so I had to make a Jesse Quick costume!"

FCBD: Are you going to be getting any free comics? If yes, what comics are you looking forward to getting?

Yashuntafun: "I hope so! I'm definitely interested in the Guardians of the Galaxy stuff and the Rocket Raccoon comic, but there's a lot of interesting stuff up for grabs!"

FCBD: What is your favorite part about doing cosplay?

Yashuntafun: "It’s really just fun to get to walk in the shoes of your favorite characters and share the experience with fellow fans. Sharing the enthusiasm of a genre and being appreciated for your hard work makes cosplaying a great experience."

FCBD: What is your favorite part about FCBD?

Yashuntafun: "Other than free comic books? It's just a fun day when a lot of people can dress up and be proud of being a comic book nerd. I've always had a great time participating!"


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