Previews Plus #1164

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From Alter. Based on her futuristic appearance in Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo, Asuka Langley sports an eye patch, cap, and jersey as well as her trademark red plug suit with this new PVC fig... >>
Publisher: ALTER
Item Code: FEB148329
In Shops: 1/14/2015
SRP: $154.99
From Native. Following in the footsteps of "Kotone Sakurazaka," "COLLET," and "Touko in the Lavatory," this long awaited 4th Tony illustration figure is the kimono-clad beauty Tomoe Nakahara. This... >>
Publisher: NATIVE
Item Code: DEC148228
In Shops: 10/28/2015
SRP: $246.99
From Good Smile Company. "Someone help me~!" From the popular anime series Love Live! comes a Nendoroid of the normally calm and quiet character who becomes very enthusiastic about idols and white... >>
Item Code: DEC148235
In Shops: 7/29/2015
SRP: $37.99
From Kaiyodo. Standing more than 5-1/2" tall, the master of the South Star White Heron Fist fighting style is recreated in exceptional detail complete with impressive articulation, multiple hands,... >>
Publisher: KAIYODO
Item Code: DEC148233
In Shops: 7/29/2015
SRP: $50.99
From Kaiyodo. The swift and merciless Holy Emperor measures up at more than 5-1/2" tall and comes with his spear, face mask and multiple hands! >>
Publisher: KAIYODO
Item Code: DEC148234
In Shops: 7/29/2015
SRP: $50.99
From Kaiyodo. Asuka Langley's EVA is configured for maximum power as it rises more than 5-1/2" in height, sports multiple points of articulation and comes with a display stand. >>
Publisher: KAIYODO
Item Code: DEC148230
In Shops: 7/29/2015
SRP: $49.99
From Kaiyodo. This recreation of Rei Ayanami's powerful EVA stands more than 5-1/2" tall, sports multiple points of articulation and comes with a display stand. >>
Publisher: KAIYODO
Item Code: DEC148231
In Shops: 7/29/2015
SRP: $49.99
From Vertex. The proud, beautiful and deadly warrior from the tactical role-playing game is recreated here as a stunning figure standing 9-3/4" tall! >>
Publisher: VERTEX
Item Code: DEC148237
In Shops: 7/29/2015
SRP: $175.99
(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) John Cassaday
From Marvel Comics. The greatest space adventure of all time returns to Marvel! Luke Skywalker and the ragtag band of rebels fighting against the Galactic Empire are fresh off their biggest victory... >>
Item Code: DEC148190
In Shops: 2/25/2015
SRP: $4.99
(W) Ryan North (A/CA) Erica Henderson
From Marvel Comics. Wolverine, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Thanos: There's one hero that's beaten them all - and now she's got her own ongoing series! (Not that she's bragging.) That's right, you asked... >>
Item Code: DEC148191
In Shops: 2/25/2015
SRP: $3.99
From Phat Co. From the anime series Idolm@ster comes a 1/8th scale figure of the idol with a refined but mysterious atmosphere about her, the  "Silver Queen", Takane Shijou! The pose is... >>
Publisher: PHAT
Item Code: DEC148226
In Shops: 9/30/2015
SRP: $93.99
From Plum. The heroine of the world-famous card game/manga/anime strikes a pose for this blithe figure, which measures more than 7-1/2" tall! >>
Publisher: PLUM
Item Code: DEC148229
In Shops: 7/29/2015
SRP: $152.99
From Alter. This expressive figure of the strong-willed mage from the Garden of Time includes her Blade of Bardiche Assault (molded in sharp, clear parts) and stands more than 21" tall! >>
Publisher: ALTER
Item Code: DEC148227
In Shops: 9/30/2015
SRP: $188.99
From Medicom Toy. The hero of Sword Art Online 2 becomes a Real Action Hero! Kirito appears as he did in the Gun Gale Online game during the series' second season with a realistic costume, photon s... >>
Item Code: DEC148236
In Shops: 11/25/2015
SRP: $367.99
(W/A) Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird (CA) Kevin Eastman
From IDW Publishing. This final Ultimate Collection brings the end of the "City At War" storyline and concludes the Eastman & Laird era of TMNT. Featuring brand-new annotations by Eastman and Laird... >>
Item Code: DEC148238
In Shops: 3/4/2015
SRP: $50.00
From WizKids/NECA. Previously available as a Premium D&D: Icons of the Realm miniature, this D&D Attack Wing version of the Tiamat figure includes additional play materials such as Cards, Moment Di... >>
Item Code: DEC148239
In Shops: 2/25/2015
SRP: $79.99