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4/1 World of Warcraft GN Scott Brannin
Erward McNeil
4/2 Amanda Conner Shirts Jerrica Clinkenbeard
Alice Wang Nakahara

Harley Quinn Banks

Batman Hush Graphic Novel

Ken and Holly Porok

Jered Palmer 

4/4 Rage of Ultron Graphic Novel
Pokemon books
Image Comics
Brian Depaul 
Edgar Nava
Sebastian Nava
Susan Nava

Zayda Mieles
4/5 Easter Giveaway  Jeff Sharp 
4/6 No Contest  
4/7 The Flash Action Figures  Chris DeLuca
Michael Scardillo
4/8 Jupiters Legacy GN

Saga Volume 4

Donny Guilmette

4/9 Daredevil Graphic Novel   Jose Luis Diaz Jr
4/10 Daredevil Graphic Novel 

Alison Burke

Kendra Henry

4/11 FCBD Bumper Sticker 
Harley Quinn Graphic Novels

 April Bermudez

Jamie Conner

Jacob Stratton

Adam Bunch

4/12 Game of Thrones Figure  Matthew Gonzales
4/13 No Contest   
4/14 Dr. Hooves

 John Maynor

Jason Camp

Jennifer Morris

4/15 Batman Bottle Opener 

 Samantha Jespersen

Michael Schroeder


Throwback Thursday comics

 House of M Graphic Novel

 Larry Venable

Leslie Sotelo

Armando Ortiz

4/17  No Contest  
4/18  Batman Year One GN  
4/19  Robb Stark GoT POP figure

 Tony Thompson

4/20  Star Wars Bottle Opener

 Justin Rogers
Casey Rogers

Zack Otto

4/21  Amanda Conner T-Shirts  
4/22  Poison Ivy Figure  


3/1 Walking Dead Bust Banks Monique Rojas
3/2 Daredevil Figure Sam Hayes 

Will Eisner Comics

Andrew Mork
3/4 Will Eisner Comics Kelly Freeman 
3/5 No Contest   
3/6 Hawkeye vs. Deadpool Graphic Novel  Rebecca Horrak
3/7  No Contest  
3/8  No Contest  
3/9  No Contest  
3/10  No Contest  
3/11  No Contest  
 3/12  Worf Figure Katharine Kan 
 3/13  Spider-Man Action Figure Greg Figg 
3/14 Clerks Minimats
Jay and Silent Bob Figures

 Nick Vaqrgas
Steve Sanchez


Cheri and Zach Jordan

3/15  No Contest  
3/16 Bob's Brugers Graphic Novels  Hanna Marie
Brittany Starr Blanton
3/17 R2-D2 Bottle Openers

iZombie Graphic Novel Set

Sara McKendry-Cabana

Teila McKendry

Mark Allgater

3/18 Bob's Burgers Graphic Novel
Borg Ice Tray 

Janette Mendoza

Louise Casey

3/19 Harley Quinn Hat
Roy Wilson 
3/20 Captain Canuck Graphic Novel 
Scott Brannin 
3/21 Chew Graphic Novels 

Brittany Billins

Ann Gaines

Zack Lazza

3/22 No Contest 
3/23 Walking Dead Graphic Novels   
3/24 Star Wars Bank  Andrew Killion 
3/25 Wonder Woman Action Figures
Copies of Previews Catalog
Batgirl Robes
Mitch Travis
Serge Junior Nolet

Jasmine Tiger
Samuel Malesky

Brent Farrell
Shannon Witt
3/26 Thor Graphic Novels
FCBD Bumper Stickers
Dane Cormack

Jeromy Gordan
Savid Schultz

Charles Davis
Ashley King
Deborah Johnson

Batman Heart of Hush


FCBD Bumper Stickers

Ben Sillowitz
Mario Rosales

Jose Luis Diaz Jr.
Leigha Eichler
Kristin Munson

3/28 No Contest   

Joker and Robin Figures 

X-Men Graphic Novels

Vic Frank
Pauline Hooper

Damien Stein
Cory Hovious

3/30 No Contest   
3/31 Animated Joker Figures  William Sheppard




1/1 Walking Dead Calendars Dixie Lynn

Brandon Mullen
1/2 No Contest  
1/3 No Contest  
1/4 No Contest  
1/5 NoContest   
1/6 Zenescope Launch Kits  Roger and Ally Cooper
1/7 Dancing Groot POP!  Kristin Lawson
Jake Anderson
1/8 No Contest   
1/9 Dancing Groot POP! Neil Nelan 
1/10 Star Wars Party Contest  Steve Ferrell 
1/11 No Contest   
1/12 Darth Maul Banks 

Nick Muscarella

Camden Salcedo 


Clone Trooper Bank Jason Parks


Jabba Plush  
1/16 Bravest Warriors Contest Stephan Standbridge 
1/17 No Contest  
1/18  No Contest  
1/19  No Contest  
1/20  No Contest  
1/21  No Contest  
1/22 TMNT Banks

Batgirl Poster

Batman Bottle Openers
Simeon and Ronnie Davis
Erin Taylor
Ralph Pompeii

Sana Villman

Ashlee Kellingsworth
Summer Sullivan
Chay Lynn
1/23 No Contest    
1/24 No Contest    
1/25 No Contest    
1/26 Aww Yea Comics  P.J. DiGani
Fred Hudson
1/27 No Contest    
1/28 No Contest    
1/29 No Contest    
1/30 No Contest    
1/31 No Contest    






No Contest  
12/2 No Contest  
12/3 No Contest  
12/4 Amanda Conner Art Kevin Gacuson
12/5 Star Wars Figure Luis Martinez
12/6 Bloodshot and X-O Manowar GN

Harbinger and Harbinger #25

Unity and Harbinger GN

X-O Manowar #25 and The Delinquents #1
Matt Conner
Kyle Davis
Daniel Redodo
Carson Hamelin

12/7 Harbinger Deluxe Edition and Valiant Masters Rai

Shadowman and X-O Manowar GN

Harbinger #25 and Rai #1

Bloodshot, Archer and Armstrong and Quantum and Woody

Chronium Covers
Jason Burrows
Alex Korty
Andrew Mark
Mike Hockenson
Jonathan Waller
12/8  No Contest  
12/9  No Contest  
12/10 Link Nendrio
Walking Dead Art
Afterlife with Archie GN
Green Goblin Bust
Spider-Man Bust
Thrasher Suit Batman

Paige Hodges
Misty Ashby Lee
Morgan Alexa
Felicia Bauza
George and Amanda Petzolt
Anthony Lamas
Lauren Lawson
Ian Moss


Deadpool Figures
DC Collectibles
Jay and Silent Bob Figures

Betsy Woodin
Darielle Mercado
Mike Travis

Angel Crespi

Ben Rivers
Rachel Jade
12/12 Infinity Gauntlet Bank and Bottle Opener
Hulk Hogan POP!
Catlin Pepstein
Christina Bruley
John Bruley
12/13 Walking Dead Minimates Aliandra R
Veronica Valdez
12/14 Pulp Fiction and Alien Minimates Andrew DiNatale
Neil Lolmaugh
12/15 Batman Action Figure
Godzilla Minimates
Chad Hollingsworth
Gary and Tessie Estep
12/16 Pulp Fiction and Aliens Minimates
Saga Volume 1-4
Alex and Rebecca Gates

Senia Lopez
12/17 Walking Dead Minimates

17 Graphic Novels

Nicholas Rageous
Florence Keov

Chris MacStravic

12/18 Walking Dead and Buddy Christ Minimates

Zelda Figures
Jacob and Zachary Gieck

Colleen Duffy
Bethany Duffy
12/19 Batman Bust Banks
Xmen Minimates
Sunday McBee
Jonathan Maloney
12/20 No Contest   
12/21 Jason Bishoujo Statue Johnny Davenport

Batman Animated Series Action Figures 

Jay and Silent Bob Minimates

X-Men Minimates

Mooby/Buddy Christ and Clerks Minimates

No Winner-running contest again

Travis Baer
Camille Walgrave

Rick Sawyer

Jennifer King

Sarah and Robby Mochal

12/23 Battle Beast Minimates 

Ash Graves

Ghulam Shaikh

Deadpool Minimates
Voltron Contest

Hello Kitty Contest


Chris Langley

Kristine Langley

DC Action Figures 

Batman Arkham Origins Action Figure 4 Pack

Spider-Man Action Figure

Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Figuarts Zero

Poison Ivy figure

Adventure Time Action Figures

Navin Kumar

Joey Fama

Matthew Todd Flowers

Carolus Atte Welle

Don Perry

Benny Guardiola

12/26 No Contest  
12/27 No Contest   
12/28 Walking Dead Monopoly Patrick McGee
12/29 No Contest   
12/30 No Contest   
12/31 No Contest   




11/1 No Contest  
11/2 No Contest  
11/3 No Contest  
11/4 V for Vendetta GN and Mask Jo Jo Taylor
Carmen Nemrac
11/5 Walking Dead POP! Figures Jaime Connor
11/6 Snow Piercer Movie Jacob Becher
Alex Hall
Nathan McKnight
11/7 No Contest  
11/8 No contest  
11/9 Walking Dead Vol 22 Graphic Novels Jane Kesper
Timothy Williams
11/10 No Contest  
11/11 No Contest  
11/12 No Contest  
11/13 No Contest  
11/14 No Contest  
11/15 No Contest  
11/16 Deadpool Graphic Novels Erik Cheski
11/17 Batman Hush Unwrapped Graphic Novel Mia Hayes
11/18 No Contest  
11/19 Sin City Movies Matthew Bridges
James Allen
11/20 Sin City Movies Scott Frederick
Thomas Roshone
11/20 Saga Volume 1-3 Dana Morsehead
Candace Lavin
11/20 Batman and Superman Graphic Novels Kyle Gouchnour
Joe Hancock

Kimba the Witch Statue

Sandman Graphic Novels

American Vampire Graphic Novels

Pride of Baghdad Graphic Novels

Harley Quinn Graphic Novels

Inifinity Gauntlet Bottle Openers


Jessica Paquet
Michael Gonzales
Shyann Turner
Nikki Valeriu
Brad Stuhlsatz
Nick Norris

Tom Hathaway-waiting to confirm
Ehren Raymer-waiting to confirm

Mitch Travis
Eric Pfundheller
Jerry Campbell
Martha Campbell
-waiting to confirm

11/22 3 Star Wars POP! Figures
Wanted Graphic Novels

Lea Kaiser

Kel Vaughan
Joshua White

11/23 Walking Dead Omnibus
Walking Dead Compendium
Annie Voutier
Marcelle Suarez
11/24 No Contest   
11/25 Original Sin Graphic Novel
Stray Bullets Graphic Novel
Katie Buckley 
Adam Rossell
11/26 2 Statues
Batman Statue
Ben Fancher
Josh Townsend
11/27 No Contest  
11/28  No Contest   
11/29  No Contest   
11/30  No Contest   






















































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