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No Contest  
12/2 No Contest  
12/3 No Contest  
12/4 Amanda Conner Art Kevin Gacuson
12/5 Star Wars Figure Picking New Winner
12/6 Bloodshot and X-O Manowar GN

Harbinger and Harbinger #25

Unity and Harbinger GN

X-O Manowar #25 and The Delinquents #1
Matt Conner
Kyle Davis
Daniel Redodo
Carson Hamelin

12/7 Harbinger Deluxe Edition and Valiant Masters Rai

Shadowman and X-O Manowar GN

Harbinger #25 and Rai #1

Bloodshot, Archer and Armstrong and Quantum and Woody

Chronium Covers
Jason Burrows
Alex Korty
Andrew Mark
Mike Hockenson
Jonathan Waller
12/8  No Contest  
12/9  No Contest  
12/10 Link Nendrio
Walking Dead Art
Afterlife with Archie GN
Green Goblin Bust
Spider-Man Bust
Thrasher Suit Batman

Paige Hodges
Misty Ashby Lee
Morgan Alexa
Felicia Bauza
George and Amanda Petzolt
Daniel and Jessica Belcher
Ian Moss


Deadpool Figures
DC Collectibles
Jay and Silent Bob Figures

Picking New Winner
Picking New Winner

Darielle Mercado
Mike Travis

Angel Crespi

Ben Rivers
Picking New Winner
12/12 Infinity Gauntlet Bank and Bottle Opener
Hulk Hogan POP!
Catlin Pepstein
Christina Bruley
John Bruley
12/13 Walking Dead Minimates Aliandra R-waiting to confirm
Veronica Valdez-waiting to confirm
12/14 Pulp Fiction and Alien Minimates Andrew DiNatale-waiting to confirm
Neil Lolmaugh-waiting to confirm
12/15 Batman Action Figure
Godzilla Minimates
Chad Hollingsworth
Gary and Tessie Estep
12/16 Pulp Fiction and Aliens Minimates
Saga Volume 1-4
Alex and Rebecca Gates-waiting to confirm

12/17 Walking Dead Minimates
17 Graphic Novels
12/18 Walking Dead and Buddy Christ Minimates
Zelda Figures




11/1 No Contest  
11/2 No Contest  
11/3 No Contest  
11/4 V for Vendetta GN and Mask Jo Jo Taylor
Carmen Nemrac
11/5 Walking Dead POP! Figures Jaime Connor
11/6 Snow Piercer Movie Jacob Becher
Alex Hall
Nathan McKnight
11/7 No Contest  
11/8 No contest  
11/9 Walking Dead Vol 22 Graphic Novels Jane Kesper
Timothy Williams
11/10 No Contest  
11/11 No Contest  
11/12 No Contest  
11/13 No Contest  
11/14 No Contest  
11/15 No Contest  
11/16 Deadpool Graphic Novels Erik Cheski
11/17 Batman Hush Unwrapped Graphic Novel Mia Hayes
11/18 No Contest  
11/19 Sin City Movies Matthew Bridges
James Allen
11/20 Sin City Movies Scott Frederick
Thomas Roshone
11/20 Saga Volume 1-3 Dana Morsehead
Candace Lavin
11/20 Batman and Superman Graphic Novels Kyle Gouchnour
Joe Hancock

Kimba the Witch Statue

Sandman Graphic Novels

American Vampire Graphic Novels

Pride of Baghdad Graphic Novels

Harley Quinn Graphic Novels

Inifinity Gauntlet Bottle Openers


Jessica Paquet
Michael Gonzales
Shyann Turner
Nikki Valeriu
Brad Stuhlsatz
Nick Norris

Tom Hathaway-waiting to confirm
Ehren Raymer-waiting to confirm

Mitch Travis
Eric Pfundheller
Jerry Campbell
Martha Campbell
-waiting to confirm

11/22 3 Star Wars POP! Figures
Wanted Graphic Novels

Lea Kaiser

Kel Vaughan
Joshua White

11/23 Walking Dead Omnibus
Walking Dead Compendium
Annie Voutier
Marcelle Suarez
11/24 No Contest   
11/25 Original Sin Graphic Novel
Stray Bullets Graphic Novel
Katie Buckley 
Adam Rossell
11/26 2 Statues
Batman Statue
Ben Fancher
Josh Townsend
11/27 No Contest  
11/28  No Contest   
11/29  No Contest   
11/30  No Contest   



Oct. 1 4 POP! Figures Holly Dokey 
Oct. 2 Thor Figure  Kris Thellen 
Oct. 3 DC Collectibles Amy Skye
Oct. 4 No Contest  
Oct. 5 No Contest  
Oct. 6 Roger Rabbit POP!
X-Men Vol One

Robert Stewart

Adam Sword
Caleb Holloway

Oct. 7 Marvel Zombies   Kenneth Sibbald
Duane Nicolls
Oct. 8 DC Collectibles Kevin Johnson
Oct. 9 Batman Art Moby Flannagan
Oct. 10

Batgirl #35

Harley Quinn Art

John Linskey
Nathan Sizemore
Oct. 11

Marvel Zombies GN

Walking Dead Monopoly

Charles Ray

Cath Nesh

Oct. 12 NYCC Art by Clay Mann
Walking Dead Risk
Craig Kerns
Joel Purcell
Oct. 13 No Contest    
Oct. 14 No Contest    
Oct. 15 No Contest   
Oct. 16  No Contest  
Oct. 17  No Contest  
Oct. 18  No Contest  
Oct. 19  No Contest  
Oct. 20  No Contest  
Oct. 21  No Contest  
Oct. 22 Harley Quinn Hot in the City GNs

Charles Stockstill
Shamara Roberts
Richard Lovelace
Amanda Lovelace

Oct. 23 Breaking Bad Collectible Chasity Puryear
Oct. 24   No Contest  
Oct. 25   No Contest  
Oct. 26   No Contest  
Oct. 27   No Contest  
Oct. 28   No Contest  
Oct. 29   No Contest  
Oct. 30  No Contest  
Oct. 31  No Contest  












September 2014 GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

Sept. 1 No Contest   
Sept. 2 The Wrenchies Graphic Novel  Cailin McAuliffe
Sept. 3 Breaking Bad POP!  Grell Jaeger
Sept. 4 Luigi Figure Mike Whelton
Sept. 5 The Bunker Graphic Novel Betsy Woodin
Jeremy Estes
Sept. 6 Naruto Figure Belle Hall
Sept. 7 No Contest   
Sept. 8 Magnetic Press Graphic Novels Chad Swenson
Sept. 9 No Contest   
Sept. 10 Star Wars Bottle Openers Tara Palmer 
Sept. 11 Aliens Bottle Openers
Watchmen Graphic Novel
Mellisa Critchley
T.J. Supinger
Sept. 12 Infinity Gauntlet and Silver Surfer Bottle Openers Kathy Wyland
Sept. 13

Planetary Graphic Novel

Maus Graphc Novel

Dan Williams
James Bastedo
Sept. 14 Fables Graphic Novel
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel
Sandman Graphic Novel
Bill Rogers
Alex Stratton
Curtis Kerchner
Sept. 15 Killer Croc Action Figure  Hugoh Calivar
Sept. 16 9 Graphic Novels  Brandie Rose
Garrett Spicer
Sept. 17 No Contest  
Sept. 18 No Contest   
Sept. 19 No Contest   
Sept. 20 Marvel Zombie Minimates Kelly Lee and Reggie
Sept. 21 No Contest   
Sept. 22 No Contest   
Sept. 23 No Contest   
Sept. 24 Batman Long Halloween and Catwoman Graphic Novel Samantha Grant
Sept. 25 Walking Dead Compendiums Joe Mochove
Sept. 26 Attack of Titan DVD
Kevin Smith Minimates
Ethan Sparks
Lisa Christine
Sept. 27 Pulp Fiction Minimates Stephen Hughes
Sept. 28 Kevin Smith Minimates  Caleb Lopshire
Sept. 29 Harley Quinn Figures Bex Fett
Sept. 30 Bad Kids Go To Hell Graphic Novels  Victor Kulaszewski
Felicia Dennis
Sarah Beam












August 1 Action Figure Brawl Ed Duke
August 2 Guardians of the Galaxy Poster David McClellan
August 3 Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener  Robert Gonzalez
August 4 Star-Lord Graphic Novel  Rob Hall
August 5 Batman Earth One Graphic Novel Cody Camacho
August 6 LEGO Prize Pack Maureen Sutton
August 7 Rocket Raccoon Action Figures

Thor Cat Poster

Britnie Huffman
Jalayne Newsome

Steve-o Labelle

August 8 TMNT POP! Figures  Jon Cantu
August 9 Batman Earth 2 Action Figures  Scott Steubing
Andy Crofford
August 10

Jay and Silent Bob Minimates 

Gene Leun Yang Poster

Matt Gandy
Trent Mccracken

Chris Fike
August 11 Action Figure Brawl

Harley and Poison Ivy Poster from SDCC
Kevin Halse

Philip Gibney
August 12 Pulp Fiction Minimates  Jordan Musselman
August 13 Mooby and Buddy Christ Minimates

Pathfinder Games
Fernando Fury
Mike Bowman
August 14 Spy vs Spy Figures  Jonas Swanson
August 15 No Contest   
August 16 Copic Markers  Andy Crafford 
August 17 The Spirit Archives Graphic Novel  Jim Kiker
August 18 Diamond Select Toys Giveaway  Adael Irizarry
August 19 Back to the Future Figures  Mandi Smith
August 20 No Contest   
August 21 Superman Sofubi  Chris Michaelson
August 22 Sin City Figures Karon Smart
August 23 Microbes Rikky Foster
Cuchulainn Foster
August 24 Walking Dead Monopoly Jennifer Taylor
August 25 Sandman Series  William Hoycott
August 26 Adventure Time Graphic Novels Brian and Trinidy
August 27 Action Figures Tony Mailet
August 28 Harley Quinn Statue Melissa Flores
August 29 Microbes Ange Ngo
Karen Gauws
August 30 Copic Markers  Kayleigh Mason
August 31 Kick Ass Figures  Marc Smith





July 1 Thanos Graphic Novel Joe Garibay
Patrick Garibay
July 2 Uncanny X-Men Graphic Novel  Brian Emory
July 3 Witchblade Graphic Novel  Matthew Richey
July 4 Walking Dead Monopoly

Action Figure Brawl

Dev Forrester

Matt Gange

July 5 Extinction Parade Graphic Novel Matthew Raymond
July 6 Walking Dead Risk

Thanos Omnibus
Mercy Meilunas

Will Dunford
July 7 Darth Vader Graphic Novels Steve Farrell
Nicole Miller
July 8 Shakespear Star Wars Graphic Novel Magen Murray
July 9 Battle of the Atom Graphic Novel

Cruzader Graphic Novel
Scott Ryan

Steve Mancini
David Balker
David Olfers
July 10 Michael Bluth POP! Figure Steven Pryor
July 11 Action Figure Brawl

WWE Monopoly
Dustin Burpo

Kevin Harris
July 12 Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novel

Super Ego Graphic Novel 2 Winners
Jasmine Lea Blucas

Jim Bowman
Mike Bowman
July 13 Deadpool Graphic Novels 

The Strain Graphic Novels and Comic
Eric Pfundheller

Kelli Sphon
Danny Ray
July 14 Diamond Select Toys Giveaway  Dani Salvino
July 15 Seconds Graphic Novel

Walking Dead SDCC Tickets

Aaron Lopez

Omar Murillo

July 16 Damian Graphic Novels  Sarah and Jason Schneider
July 17 Hacktivist Graphic Novel Heather Murphy
July 18 A Class to Die For GN

Anomal Graphic Novel

Action Figure Brawl
Marlee Stone
Mark Brown

Tim Marse

Ruben Young
July 19

Street Fighter Graphic Novel

Dungeons and Dragons Monopoly

Emmanuel Alarcon

Kris Johnson

July 20 Noah Graphic Novel Jon Manau
July 21 ThunderCat Minimates Susan Motes Fenn
July 22 Star Wars Graphic Novels  James Gentry
Ryan Wright
July 23

Walking Dead Graphic Novels

SDCC The Goon #1

SDCC Naruto Shippuden Statue

SDCC Cock-Knocker Kevin Smith Figure

Tab Martin
Brad Martin
Brian Enriquez
Kevin Karasuda
Josh Campbell
July 24 SDCC Grimm Fairy Tales Comic
SDCC Bad Dog Graphic Novel
Boba Fett POP!
SDCC Arsenic Lullaby Comic
Bottle Opener Contest
SDCC I Was The Cat GN
SDCC Signed Hip Hop Family Tree

Dennis Smith
Serina Shepard

Adam Thornton
Leigh Ward
Dan Hunter
Jaclynn Danielle
Jennifer Bell

July 25

SDCC Century Comic
Action Figure Brawl
SDCC Symphony of Bones GN
SDCC Pinocchio Vampire Slayer GN
SDCC Rocket Girl Comic
SDCC Translucid Comic

Seth Engelhardt
Casey Cole
Shane Monares
Heidi Jenkins
Jaime Williams
Marissa Kenkel
July 26 SDCC Artwork from Janet Lee
SDCC Black Power Ranger Figure
SDCC Harley Quinn Print
Seconds Graphic Novel
SDCC Todd McFarlan Walking Dead Figures

Kali Barnhart
Megan Wells
John Petty
Diana Ault
Ash Graves
Lynn Adams

July 27  No Contest  
July 28 Sharnado POP! Figures  Alana Kendall
Resa Ann
July 29 The Amazing Spider-Man GN Jim Hayes
July 30 Terr Formers GN  Donnie LongFellow
July 31 Sin City Action Figures 

Jennifer Taylor
Connie Thomas







June 1 Walking Dead Minimates
Falling Skies DVD

Walking Dead Risk

Chris Herning

John Matos
Ryan Cordeiro

Brandy Meyers


June 2 Morning Glories Graphic Novel

T.J. Hamilton

Nick Cirrhosis

June 3 Prize from Toy Chest Daniel Halcon
June 4 DIY Spider-Man Gregle Melancon
June 5 Thor GN and Minimates Joe Noonan
June 6 Robin POP! Figures Amanda and Chance
June 7

Maus Graphic Novels

Afterlife with Archie Graphic Novel

Jay and Silent Bob Collectibles

Joshua Carlson
Brendan Thompson
Ken Rundle
Nikki Sandoval

Trevor LaClaire
June 8 Thanos Collectible Figures

Watchmen Graphic Novel

Falling Skies DVD

Rapheiel Croop
Matt Blair

Nicholas Kent

Abby Sandoval
Joey Maestas

June 9 Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Openers  Matt Weaver
June 10 Deadpool Graphic Novel

Captain Picard Action Figures

Smith Herman

Joe Sandoval

Lauren Fox

June 11 Character Bottle Opener  Jason Kav Alden
June 12 Tony Montana POP! Figures 

Robert Ybarra
Nick Lantis


June 13 Identity Crisis Graphi Novel Shannon McClasky Schloger
June 14 Goon Graphic Novels
True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
Brandon Lee Haynes
Ileana Naranjo
June 15 Falling Skies DVD 

Corey Dvarkin

Justin Porteous

June 16 Before Watchmen Graphic Novels  Brian Laffler
Manny Villapando
June 17 X-Men and X-Force Graphic Novels  Joe Williams
June 18 Justice League Action Figures  Matt Hampton
June 19 Green Lantern Graphic Novels  Timm Hart
Nicole Quidort
June 20 Velvet and Glory Graphic Novels Daniel Frick
June 21 Spider-Man Figures

Esacpo Graphic Novel
Trevor Ingram
Jim Elliott

Grover Wolf
June 22 Mario Figure

Falling Skies DVD
Robert Hovis
Gabriel Llanas
Sean Wagner
June 23 Injustice Graphic Novel

Chilleung Poon
Will McGrath

June 24 Before Watchmen Graphic Novels  Jim Bowman
Mike Bowman
June 25 Attack on Titan Graphic Novels  Mary Fierro
Peter Rhine
Tyler Ragan
June 26 New 52 Earth 2 Action Figures  Robert Palocsik
June 27 Joker and Jigsaw Figures Chris Oh
June 28 My Little Pony Graphic Novels

Sin City Graphic Novel
Tom Cunningham
Nicole Russo Smith

Brian Roach
Zach Sinclair-Hall
June 29

Hack/Slash Graphic Novels

What If Graphic Novel 

Michael Jones
Tiana Kalau

Justus Hepburn
Matthew Helfgott

June 30 Doctor Who Monopoly  Heather Bredberg





May 1 Batman Superman Graphic Novel

Spider-Man Graphic Novels

Britany Harper
Ashley Marie Kirk

Dakota Massey

May 2

Spier-Man Action Figures

Marvel Encyclopedia

Jay and Silent Bob Collectibles

Eugene Tierney
William Autry

Ashley Fuderer

May 3

Spider-Man LEGO Set
Batman LEGO Set

Angel Peter Delgado
Nicholas Pepin

May 4

LEGO Play Book
Falling Skies DVD
Game of Thrones Collectibles

Jay Richards
Frank Patten
Wesley Couch

May 5

Todd Graphic Novels
Avatar Graphic Novels

Bonnie Lynn DaRienzo
Jenni Harvey

May 6  S.H.I.E.L.D Agent POP! Figure Andrea Barlow
Juno Tsosie
May 7 Walter White Action Figure Gino Acinelli
Kelsie Webb
May 8

Thor Graphic Novel

Thor Mr. Potato Head

Thor Minimates

Rat Queens Graphic Novels

Adam Hoak

Steven Whisler

James Rice


David Raines
Crystal Puckett

May 9 Walking Dead Monopoly
My Little Pony Graphic Novels

Wendy Strayer
Alejandro Ramirez

May 10 Superboy AF

Marvel Zombies Graphic Novels
Anthony Marconi
Nader Hamdon

Michael Makil
Rafael Quiroz

May 11 Mass Effect Collectible and Novel
X-Men Graphic Novels
Cameron Parker-Ross
John Furby
Eric Colson
May 12 Spider-Man Bust Robert Doyle
May 13 Batman and Talon AF and Graphic Novel Klaus Kadiddlehuffer
May 14 Joker Action Figure and POP! Figure

Batman and Harley Quinn Bust Banks
Riley Fraser

Larrry Lemans
May 15 Thor Statue Senia Lopez
May 16 Civil War Graphic Novel Rome Angeles
May 17 X-Men Graphic Novels Jarrod Glasgow
Simeon Davis
Shannon Shoeman
May 18 Identity Crisis Graphic Novel
Adventure Time POP! Figures
Jason Nellis

Kayla Christensen
Justin Weist
May 19 Green Goblin Figures Michael McBride
Kody Mokler
May 20 DareDevil Figures

POP! Figures
Matt Murdock
Craig Rogers

Vin Bharadwaj
May 21 No Contest  
May 22 X-Men Days of Future Past Graphic Novel Joel Marquez
May 23 X-Men Graphic Novels Thomas Brinkley
May 24 X-Men Graphic Novels
Collossus Action Figures
Alexis Parks
Kevin Moore
Christopher Austin Earl
May 25 X-Men Days of Future Past Graphic Novel Dave Elliott
May 26 Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novels  James Price
May 27 Batman Graphic Novel Steven Godwin Jr.
May 28 Y The Last Man Graphic Novel  Josh Held
May 29 Skottie Young FCBD Poster
Hulk Graphic Novel
Nobby Coburn
Rick Middleton
May 30 Secret Service Kingsman Graphic Novel Shandi Leonard
May 31 Black Cat Figures
Ghostbusters Minimates
Julie Delisle and friend

Micheal Jecker

May 2-4

FCBD Photo Sharing Contest! Aaron Roudabush
Sarah Cox
Brucipher Wayne M.








April 1

Guardians of the Galaxy Graphic Novels

Risk Legacy Game

Batman 66 Graphic Novels

En Sabah Nur

Joe Webster

Amberlee Stanford
Kevin Ogle-Johnson
April 2

 Hello Kitty Graphic Novels

Captain America Action Figures

Carrie Hermann
Princess Leanne

Allesandro Campagana
Anthony Ndegwa
Albert Ndegwa

April 3

Captain America Graphic Novels

 Luke Jordan
April 4

Captain America Winter Soldier Graphic Novels

Sonic the Hedgehog Figures

Charlie Carden
Todd Oxtra

Matt Graifer
Shanna Daly

April 5  Jay and Silent Bob Minimates Demetrius Tripas
Christopher Maul
April 6  Iron Man Minimates Jonathan Perez
April 7 Skottie Young FCBD T-Shirt
Superman Red Son Graphic Novels

Brian Michael Hamilton

Shawn Squires
Luis Thomas Garcia
Tom Garcia

April 8

Secret Service Graphic Novel

East of West Graphic Novels

Dustin Burpo

Todd Gray
Derek Moreland

April 9

Ghost Rider Bottle Openers

Michael Sims
Kevin Fortenberry

April 10

Thor Bottle Openers

Thor Graphic Novels

Rick Bright
Anthony Cruz

Adrien Pantoja
Angelica Pantoja

April 11 Batman Wacky Wobbler Trea Bahe
April 12

Venom Labbit

Ultimate Spider-Man Graphic Novels

Justin Arreaga

Benny Nazario
Adam Espaillat

April 13

Marvel Minimates
FCBD 2013 Comics
Walking Dead Risk

Christy Katz

Chris Funk
Tiffany Trevino

April 14

Batman and Joker Sofubi

Michael Clark
April 15 The Joker Graphic Novels Amy Conyers
Amanda Ward-Creen
Jill Boyd
April 16 Rachel Rising Graphic Novels Jason Tippitt
Earl Rogers
April 17 FCBD Poster
FCBD T-Shirt
Thor and Hulk Collectibles

Anna Thomas

Jeff Scheibe

Tim Lewis

April 18

Regular Show Graphic Novels

Darth Vader Bust Banks

Dena and Jake Zavala
Kayla Rose Born
Derek Tarski
April 19 Adventure Time Collectibles

Godzilla Graphic Novels

My Little Pony Collectibles

Rich Gallegos

Stevie Patrick Capps
Christopher Capps
Jason Seaman

Nathan Ciszewski

April 20

Walking Dead Minimates

Game of Thrones Collectibles

Brian Kelleher

Jon Berg
April 21

Captain America Bottle Openers

Invincible Minimates

Kimo Smith
Cody-Kenobi Grimm

Jason Peroutka
Jeff Wiesneski
John Stuplich

April 22

Games Workshop Model Kits

Harley Quinn Collectibles

Jose Santiago
Heather Hambrecht

Michael Fox
Therrien Fox

April 23

FCBD 2013 52 Comics

Doctor Who Screwdriver

Sarah Lucy
James Patrick Walsh
Sammie Rose
 April 24

Thor Minimates

Jaws Bottle Opener

Spider-Man Minimates

Thor and Jane Foster

Zelda Books

Thor Graphic Novels

Randy Dungy

David Williams

Kevin Harris

Michael Ridlen

Halden Fraley
Masum Hossain

Kati and Erik Geehern

 April 25  Walking Dead Risk Chris Surma
 April 26 Batman Collectibles
Games Workshop Model Kits
Matt Schollenberger
Duncan James
John Dees
 April 27

Marvel Minimates

POP! Figures

Benjamin Watt

Ron Athey
April 28

Captain America POP! Figures

Captain America Collectible Figure

Lisa Wooten
James Royal
April 29

Spider-Man Bust
Spider-Man Minimates
CBLDF Liberty Graphic Novels

Niel Harvey
Ian Nichols

Matthew Lipson
Joey Ak
April 30

Skottie Young FCBD Posters




Stay Puft

Do Ng
Julie Waters

Justin Brown
Rosaly Aponte
John Wallace

Sadie Ann






March 1 Green Goblin Action Figures Zach Nolop
Kiersten Durning
March 2 Walking Dead Minimates

Walking Dead Monopoly
George Guyer
Gabriel Barham

Opal Beach
March 3  NO CONTEST  
March 4  Hulk Bust Banks Jordan Alvarado 
Steven Ojeda
March 5 X-Men Days of Future Past GN David Berrey
Jason Wojnowski
March 6 Skottie Young Poster
R2D2 Bottle Opener

Tina Marie

Steve Enterner

March 7 Valiant Graphic Novels Brian Bento
March 8 Harley Quinn Graphic Novels Clarence Hemlpe
Martin Hemple
Stephanie Marie
March 9 Govenor POP! Figures Josh Croop
Samantha Cantley
March 10 Stray Bullets Graphic Novels Brian Booth
Bo Frye
March 11 Walking Dead Vol 20 GN

David Olfers
Desmond Reddick
Darryll Doucette

March 12 Attack on Titan Nikoli Berggren
Austin Emerson
March 13

Unity Graphic Novels

The 2013 FCBD Comics

Linda Marin
Ryan Hulshof

Michael Udlock

March 14 Justice League Graphic Novels

Michael Ochoa
Juan Flores
March 15 Walking Dead Monopoly

2 Rick Grimes Bust Banks

3 Walking Dead POP! Figures

Corry Hartmoyer

Maya Macabre Solis
Chris Copeland

Jesus Varela

March 16 Walking Dead Book One

5 Sets of Walking Dead Minimates

Michonne and Pets POP! Figures

Mary Cantu

Devon Ferris
Charlotte Jones
Eddie Miles
Kyle Eady
Kayla Rose Simnitt

Rob Hines

 March 17  Saga Volume 1,2, & 3 Ron Hancock
March 18 Arrow Action Figures Jesse Day
March 19 NOAH Graphic Novels Rick Ganther
Zach Krenz
March 20 Thor Minimates and Action Figure

Thor Hammer Bottle Opener
Kimberly Brown

Jorge Murcia
March 21

Darth Vader Kids Books

Saga Vol 1,2,&3

Anna and Travis Quesenberry

Patricia Shu
March 22 Hellboy 20 Years Graphic Novel

2 Set of Marvel Minimates
Guillaume Mourin
Thimylein Dang

Patrick Fogarty
March 23

Walking Dead Risk

Walking Dead Minimates 3 Sets

Walking Dead Zombie Bank

Jeremy LaPoint

Megan Marie Schwalen
Bean Uno
Buddy Adams

Chelsea Jensen
March 24

Game of Thrones Khal Figure

Jake Wasdin
Tyler Boatwright
March 25

Risk Legacy

Raoul Duke
March 26 Stay Puft Bank
Previews World Catalog
GOT Stark Figure
Jill Wyant
Steph and Erik Portillo
March 27  Jay and Silent Bob Minimates

Drew Danuski
Nolyn Taylor

Alex Hex
Fraydoun Soltani

March 28 Skottie Young FCBD Poster

Stay Puft Bank
Lisa Parker Stowell

Donald Armfield
March 29 Risk Legacy
Batman Action Figures

Jeremy Meyer

Sean McQueeney

March 30 Walking Dead Action Figures

Walking Dead Minimates

Walking Dead Monopoly

Casandra Joy

Lara Lang

Alicia Arsenault

March 31 Bizarro Action Figures

Zack Blake
Kyle Driscoll

















Feb. 2 Darly POP! Figures

Oscar Jones
Melissa-Holtzer Jones
Mitchel Kaplan

Feb. 3 Wolverine Labbit Stephen Torres
Feb 4  Superman Statue   Ryan Goodman
Feb 5  Harley Quinn POP! Figures  John McCarthy
Alicia Farley
Matt Owens
  Secret War II Omnibus Joe Innacone
  Star Wars POP! Figures Sarah Jewel Smith
Feb 6  Doctor Who Bust  Danny Espana
Feb 7  Locke and Key Graphic Novels  Jimmy Lohn
Feb 8  March Book One  Irene Soko
Feb 9  Captain America Bottle Opener  Rosario Bracale
Feb 10  Adventure Time POP! Figures  Stephanie Leigh
Feb 11  My Little Pony Card Game

Thomas Blade
Tracy Young
Tracy Clapsaddle
Dan Hill

Feb 12  Deadpool Bottle Opener Timothy Kelsall
Monique Moon
Tim Rogers
Feb 13  Venom Bottle Opener Brian Reyes
Daniel Montenegro
Cadmiel Avendano

Feb 14

 Walking Dead Monopoly  Harley Sexton

Feb 15

 Silver Surfer POP! Figures  James Howard

Feb 16

 Walking Dead Zombie Bank  David South

Feb 17

 Scott Pilgrim GN Collection  Theodore Perez

Feb 18

 Ghostbuster Minimates  David Salazar
Robert Saldivar

Feb 19

 Adventure Time Graphic Novels Ann Marie Tan
Mariela Comach

Feb 20

 Wacky Wobbler Batman  Hope Clippinger

Feb 21

 Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener Marc Sabo
Ken Phillips

Feb 22

 Walking Dead Monopoly  Jason Galindo

Feb 23

 Walking Dead POP! Figures  Catie Flint

Feb 24

 Deathstroke Action Figures Chris Spradin
Oliver Spradin

Feb 25

 Brielle and Horror Graphic Novels


Jesia Vannoy
Chris Herrod
Josh Talbert

Feb 25

Anarky Action Figure

Mathieu Hendricks

Feb 26


Feb 27

 Golum Mini Bust  Tom Harris

Feb 28

 March Book One  Laura Slavin

Feb 28

BONE Graphic Novel Jason Rhew

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