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Interview with Cosplayer Annaka Vader


Learn more about Annaka Vader, the cosplayer from Texas who has only been doing cosplay for two years but has fallen in love with it. Annaka talks about her love and dedication to cosplay which is seen from the characters she chooses to become and also from the time and energy she puts into the creation of every costume.

HCF: How long have you been doing cosplay?
AV: "Well, I've actually done Cosplay for about two years now, but this past year I really took it seriously!"

HCF: What inspired you to do cosplay? What got you started?
AV: "I really fall in love with characters and their stories. Every character, whether in a comic, movie, or book all has a story, and in a way I love to bring that story to life through Cosplay."

HCF: Who has been your favorite character to cosplay as?

AV: "My favorite character to Cosplay has been Alex from a Clock Work Orange. Dark, yes I know, but it was so much fun. I love his attitude, character, and I really wanted to bring his character to life.  I tried to meet every detail of the costume. I even had the eyeballs attached to my sleeves of my costume, as well as double eyelashes on one eye, a glass of milk, a black cane, and of course a bit of Ultra Violence!"

HCF: What is your favorite costume you have made?

AV: "My favorite costume I have made so far...hmmmm that's tough because as for me I love them all, but if I had to choose it would be Darth Zannah from the Darth  Bane book trilogy. She is my favorite Sith of Star Wars. She isn't often Cosplayed, and I'm not sure why. I had my Saber custom made for her. I was able to create the costume from only description of her in the books and Wikipedia. There's not much to go by, so I had the freedom to create what I thought was the best way the book described her. "

HCF: How long does it take you to create a costume or certain look?

AV: "Well, it really depends on the character and the costume. For example, I literally hand sewed my Khaleesi costume from Game of Thrones and that took a month. I really like to create armor though and I really like gender bends a lot."

HCF: What has been the most difficult costume you have created?

AV: "The most difficult costume for me so far is the one I am currently working on. It's Evil-Lin from Masters of the Universe. It's completely from scratch. I am using Worbla and craft foam. It is all armor, except for a small skirt in the back. It is very detailed and difficult."

HCF: What advice would you give to fans or people who want to cosplay for the first time?

AV: "My advise to anyone new to cosplay is to have fun! Please don't let any social media scare you right now! I say just become whatever character you love and to do it for yourself! "

HCF: What is your favorite part about doing cosplay?

AV: "I love the hobby in itself! It's a great way to express yourself through a character that you love! For myself, it helps create confidence in myself knowing I was able to build a difficult costume. I love dressing up, and the artistic side of it as well. It is a hobby and is always a learning experience! It's very therapeutic for me. "


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