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Interview with Cosplayer Marie Grey

Cosplayer Marie Grey has been cosplaying for four years, loving every minute of it. Recently she started creating her own costume, and with time, skill and creativity, she is able to transform herself into her favorite characters. 

HCF: How long have you been doing cosplay?

MG: "I've been cosplaying for four and a half years, but I've only been making my own costumes for the past year and a half."

HCF: What inspired you to do cosplay? What got you started?

MG: "Initially, I agreed to cosplay at New York Comic Con 2009 with a friend. I was really out of my element and extremely uncomfortable. But once I met other people who enjoyed the same things as me, everything changed. Now it's something I love doing and can't imagine my life without it."


HCF: Who has been your favorite character to cosplay as?

MG: "Black Canary and Poison Ivy are my two favorite comic book characters, and I've cosplayed multiple versions of both!"


HCF: What is your favorite costume you have made?

MG: "The first Poison Ivy cosplay I made is probably my favorite. It was such a huge accomplishment at the time, and I think it's the best looking costume I've made."

HCF: How long does it take you to create a costume or certain look?

MG: "Some of my costumes have only taken two or three days. Others have taken up to a month or so. I'm always trying to challenge myself and learn new techniques as I go along, so it all depends on how complex the character's outfit is."


HCF: What has been the most difficult costume you have created?

MG: "My female version of Auron from Final Fantasy X was really challenging because I was new to almost everything I had to make. I wanted to make his outfit a little more feminine while still keeping it true to the character. There were so many little details I had to focus on, but it somehow all came together in the end."


HCF: What advice would you give to fans or people who want to cosplay for the first time?

MG: "Pick something simple! It's a lot less stressful to work on a costume that you have the skill set for. The more you practice, the better you'll get so you'll be able to work up toward more complex costumes."

HCF: What costume will you be wearing for the Halloween ComicFest Costume Contest?

MG: "Catwoman! It's a brand new costume that I'll be starting next week!"


HCF: What is your favorite part about doing cosplay?

MG: "The actual construction of a costume can be stressful and nerve-wracking, but being able to put it on at a convention and share it with other attendees is such a rewarding experience."

To see more of Marie Grey's cosplay costumes, check out her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter and view her various costumes at her online store.