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Cosplay Interview with Angi Viper

Angi Viper

Angi is a long time cosplayer who loves becoming the characters of her dreams. With hard work, attention to detail and overall passion, Angi's costumes come to life to fully portray each character she embodies.

HCF: How long have you been doing cosplay? 

AV: "I started cosplaying in high school with the help of my mom.  I took a hiatus in college due to a lack of time, knowledge and funds and picked it back up in 2011 when I bought myself a sewing machine and taught myself how to use it."

HCF: What inspired you to do cosplay? What got you started?

AV: "I was inspired by the cosplayers I saw online and at conventions and loved the idea of becoming a character I loved so completely.  I had so many characters that inspired me and I wanted to be, why not become them through cosplay?"

HCF: Who has been your favorite character to cosplay as?

AV: "I love strong women.  Someone who isn't afraid to fight for what she wants.  I only cosplay characters I really connect with, so there really aren't any I don't like to become, but I suppose if I had to pick, I'd go with Catwoman, Madame Hydra or human Ariel.  I grew up wanting to be Catwoman and developing myself after her so she's a very natural character for me.  Madame Hydra is a blast because she commands such a presence, the color green does great things for me and I get to scream all day lol.  Ariel has been my idol since the movie came out when I was 3 and it's absolutely a dream come true every time I step into any of her costumes.  Human Ariel is particularly fun because I have to find ways to communicate without talking."

HCF: What is your favorite costume you have made?

AV: "Oh my goodness!  What a question!  As far as construction, I think I'd have to say Viper.  Viper was an incredible challenge and I am so proud of how well it turned out with the venting on the sides.  In general, though, I'd have to say "kingdom tour" Ariel.  I've dreamed of that costume my entire life and I cried the first time I put it on because it was exactly what I always dreamed it would be."

HCF: How long does it take you to create a costume or certain look?

AV: "It kind of depends on the costume and the character.  Sometimes I'm really inspired or excited about a character or costume and it just flows out of me and I'm done in a week, but there are other times where I'll get stuck on a detail I can't quite get just right or I lose my connection to the character for a bit or I get excited about something else and the next thing I know it's been sitting on my table for 2 months. My fastest job was Viper because I had planned it for SDCC, but when the trailer came out 2 days before WonderCon, I pulled 2 all-nighters to get it done and wear it."

HCF: What has been the most difficult costume you have created?

AV: "As far as construction, Viper and Megara.  Like I mentioned above, Viper had some intense details in the shape of the suit and the venting on the side and finding a way to make that work (espcially in a 2 night deadline) was very stressful.  Megara was tough because I wanted the middle section to look like it does in the movie so I literally sculpted the dress on my dressform to make sure the lines were randomized and artistic and the fabric hugged my body just right.  Then I "sculpted" the skirt, top, belt, etc around the middle section.  As far as recreating an image, I'd say I've struggled the most with Lady Amalthea.  The Last Unicorn is one of my favorite films and was a large part of my childhood and I was very excited to bring Amalthea to life, but getting into her mindset is difficult for me because she's so shy and quiet and distant."

HCF: What advice would you give to fans or people who want to cosplay for the first time?

AV: "My advice is always just go for it.  The cosplay community is so supportive and welcoming and even if you have problems with some jerk trying to give you a hard time, there's always 50 other people right there to back you up in a heartbeat.  And I will always be there for anyone getting into cosplay whether it's answering questions, providing encouragement or supporting a new-comer." 

HCF: What is your favorite part about doing cosplay?

AV: "I'd say it's two-fold for me.  I love the community and the enthusiasm I receive from fans when I do a character justice, plus I've met some of the most amazing people I've ever known and I wouldn't trade my new relationships for anything.  Additionally, I get to become characters I've dreamed of being my entire life.  I put everything I have and a little part of myself into every costume I do and really strive to become the character.  Being able to connect with a character I admire in that way is the greatest feeling in the whole world and then to see that glimmer in a person's eye when they look at me and see that same character that they love?  There are no words to describe that feeling. It's truly a dream come true."

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Photo Credit:Frank Peralta Photography, Mike Tuffley, Bartak Photography, Blue Edept Photography, Craig's Cosplay Corral and Joits Photography.