2015 Silver Books
(W) Brian Pulido, Mike Wolfer (A) Marcelo Mueller (CA) Jason Eden
(W) Brian Pulido & Mike Wolfer
(A) Marcelo Mueller
Join us in welcoming Lady Death's 20th anniversary year with this special Free Comic Book Day edition!  Her travels have taken her down many different roads but she has always remained a mysterious and powerful goddess.  Now new readers can step into her story seamlessly with this 40 page introductory issue that launches the Avatar storyline of Lady Death's current ongoing tale.  Collected here are the contents of Lady Death Premiere and issue #0, which makes up the first chapter in the Lady Death Vol 1 TP and introduces fans to a Lady Death who has to face her greatest challenge yet - regaining her powers taken by the mysterious villainess Death Queen!
Item Code: JAN120017
In Shops: 4/25/2012