Chad Coleman Wants You To Go To Free Comic Book Day 2015

Free Comic Book Day happens this Saturday, May 2nd at your local comic shop!

We can't wait and neither can Chad Coleman (AKA "Tyreese" from The Walking Dead)!

Watch below as Chad tells you all about the big event happening on the First Saturday in May! 

Did you know that Chad has his very own Graphic Novel Series coming to comic shops called Treadwater? Looks pretty cool, right!?

Treadwater Vol. 1 Graphic Novel
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In the wake of a global economic meltdown, chaos erupts and the world's safety is jeopardized by a new wave of crime and terror. A privately funded team of hi tech special operatives is assembled, known as Treadwater, the only force standing between hope and anarchy.

Check it out more at 

Find a comic shop near you to celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2015!  

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